Welcome to JMU's new bike registration platform.  This process only takes a couple minutes.

After submitting this form, you'll receive an email with information about how to get your FREE U-Lock, registration sticker, and $15 discount on a bike helmet.

Before getting started, take a side picture of your bike with your phone.
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A serial number can be hard to find (see picture for tips), but JMU and Harrisonburg police require it in order to be able to return a stolen bike to the rightful owner, so please make sure to record it.
You're all set!  You'll be receiving a confirmation email with all of your registration information.

This email will serve as your voucher to receive a $15 discount on a helmet purchase.

To get your free U-Lock, please forward your Registration Confirmation to hello@baasbikes.com and we'll give you instructions on how to pick it up at Godwin Transportation Center.

To learn about bike trails on campus, see the bike safety video, and find out about on campus bike maintenance offerings, visit the JMU transportation webpage below.

JMU Transportation Page