Here are the step by step instructions for selling your bike in the Baas Marketplace.

The listing process takes about 2 minutes.
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What's Baas?

Baas is a bike marketplace where you can sell your bike to another student on campus.

How it works:

1) Fill out this form with your bike's info
2) Lock it up at one of the Baas locking stations on campus
3) Baas markets your bike
4) Buyers will come test ride and buy using the Baas app
4) Baas sends you money via Venmo or PayPal!

The cost:
Baas takes 20% of the sale price as commission

Before you submit this form, you'll need to snap a picture of your bike.

This is the angle we need to make your bike look the best.

Remember to always take photos with your phone camera turned horizontally on it's side.
1. Sideview

Show the entire bike and use a consistent background, this will be the main photo.
Ready to upload the picture?

1. Sideview
What campus are you at?

Now fill in your contact and bike info, then we're all set!

First Name

Last Name

Phone Number

Bike Brand?


Type of bike?


Number of Gears?

Do you know the frame size of the bike?

This measurement is usually between 13" - 23" or 46 to 64 cm.  If you don't know, just hit "No" and we'll ask your height.
What's the frame size?

What is your height?

Please give it in feet and inches, i.e. 5' 11"
How does this bike fit you:

How much money would you like to sell your bike for?

You can adjust this anytime you want by contacting us.
Thanks for your submission!

We'll be reaching out shortly with instructions on where to drop your bike off.

Have you created an account on the Baas Bikes app yet?

You'll need an account to get your bike set up at one of our locking stations.
Open the Baas Bikes App